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Protecta entrance doors

Designer woorden entrance doors from the Protecta and Protecta Design ranges by Rubner create a contemporary aesthetic. Their exclusive look combines elegant wood veneers or coloured lacquers on the inner side with easy-to-maintain, highly resistant exterior surfaces, to create a perfect combination of resistance to the elements and classy interior styling. Ask your Rubner Doors consultant about entrance doors with Protecta!

Special features of the PROTECTA series by Rubner Doors:

  • Rubner ECO 100® standard with eco-friendly cork insulation core
  • Easy-to-maintain, highly resistant Max-Exterior surface on the outer side
  • Hardwood or RAL lacquering on the inner side to match your internal doors and decor – with no risk of distortion
  • Non-warping, dimensionally stable due to proven construction methods for the door leaf
  • Energy-saving, certified KlimaHaus entrance door standard A
  • High security: tested to resistance class RC2 + RC3

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Model range: "Protecta" series

Easy Care & Durablility

Protecta entrance doors are the tough ones in our product range: their Max-Exterior surface allows rain, moisture, solar heat and temperature fluctuations to bounce off it. This makes Protecta surfaces extremely low-maintenance and durable.

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Protecta 1
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Surfaces for front doors of the "Protecta"-series

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Protecta 0085 White

Protecta 0070 Carbon Grey

Protecta 0077 Charcoal

Protecta 0159 Afro Black

Protecta 0027 Prado Agate Grey

Protecta 0794 Patina Bronze

Protecta 0932 Akro Terra

Protecta 0344 Riverside

Protecta 0497 Stonehenge

Protecta 0496 Colosseum

Protecta 0421 Venus

Protecta 0426 Loft

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