Glass panels
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Glass panels

Glazed light openings immerse your home in cosy, natural brightness. Doors are supposed to divide and define spaces, but not to make them uninviting. Glass panels and light openings help to create a pleasant, positive atmosphere in your home. Matte-finish and textured glass insets can be used to protect you from prying eyes.

Below you can see a selection of our glass styles and surface finishes. Textured, matte-finished, frosted, or sanded glass, or creatively tinted: design with light to create an inviting and relaxed living atmosphere! Our consultants will be happy to answer your questions and supply more detailed information.

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Crystal clear

Glass for interior doors and all-glass doors

Un ritaglio di vetro nelle porte interne contribuisce a creare un’atmosfera luminosa e invitante. Approfittate delle possibilità offerte dal versatile materiale vetro: trasparente, strutturato, opaco, lucido o satinato.

Holz Filter
Farbtoenung Filter
Holzarten Filter

ADK Bronze

ADK white






Facet cut

Madras blue

Madras Bronze

Madras Linea

Madras Kyoto

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