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Is there something you’d like to know about our products and services? Here you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you need any other information, contact us directly!

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Buying a door -
follow these steps to buy your Rubner Door

Where can I request a quote?

You can send us an enquiry, contact the relevant salesperson for a consultation, or contact our head office . After a consultation with you to clarify and discuss your needs, we will provide you with a quote that is customised to meet all of them.

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Can quotes be requested free of cost?

 Consultation and quotes are, of course, free of cost and non-binding.

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What are the estimated prices?

We customise each door to your specifications. That is why Rubner Doors does not have any fixed prices, but prepares a personalised quote for each individual customer. The quotes provided are valid for three months.

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What are the design options that can I choose from?

 We put together each door on an individual basis according to the customer’s specifications. Naturally, we do have basic models for internal doors and exterior (front entrance) doors as well.

Modelli portonciniModelli porte interne
What are the estimated lead times?

The lead time depends upon the complexity of the particular order. You will learn about the estimated lead times during your consultation with our representatives.

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Who will install my doors?

Your doors are installed either by Rubner Doors employees or by subcontracted fitters who are trained as thoroughly in Rubner installation techniques as our own employees.

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- how to keep your Rubner Doors in good working condition

General Care Instructions

Please do not ever use aggressive materials or scouring agents for cleaning the door’s surface. Moving parts should be serviced roughly every two years. The same applies to seals and silicone joints. To avoid warping of the door leaves, make sure that humidity within the building does not exceed 70 %. Detailed care instructions can be found in our Maintenance Manual.

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How do I look after my front entrance doors?

Exterior doors are exposed to the elements and must be inspected thoroughly in spring and autumn. Ideally, some kind of structural protection should be implemented (projecting roof, set back from the façade plane). Minor damage can be repaired with original coating materials. You can purchase them from the authorised dealer or from Rubner Doors.

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Which parts should I inspect regularly?

Roughly every two years, but no later than when squeaking noises become audible, the fittings (the “door hinges”) must be greased with lubricating oil or grease for door/window fittings. Once a year, treat your door lock to a few drops of acid-free machine oil as well.

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How should I look after my wood surface?

From time to time, wipe the dust off the door leaf and door frame with a moist cloth without adding any strong solvents or scouring agents. Once a year, you should use a pH-neutral cleaning agent bought from the authorised dealer. Please follow the manufacturer’s instructions when re-applying oil on a surface that is already oiled. Most care oils used are highly flammable or self-igniting. Therefore, all rags used for oil application must be burned immediately after use.


- these are the terms and conditions of the Rubner warranty

How long is the warranty period for Rubner Doors?

Products by Rubner Doors are covered under an extended warranty of one year beyond the legally mandated two-year warranty period: In total, your Rubner Doors are covered for a period of three years from the date of installation. We would like to draw the attention of our esteemed customers to the fact that the following surface changes explicitly do not constitute grounds for complaint: Metal surfaces can oxidise when exposed to moisture. Our suppliers will remove any pest infestation from old wood surfaces; however, a new infestation cannot be ruled out.

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Which claims are covered under the warranty?

A claim is covered under the warranty if the damage is caused by a defect in production or installation, e.g.:

  • Tweaking of doors
  • Replacement of seals
  • Replacement of lock cylinder
  • Repair of locks / locking mechanism
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What is wear material and why is it not covered under the warranty?

The following are regarded as wear material and are therefore not covered under the warranty:

  • Door fittings (“hinges”)
  • Door opener (“handle”)
  • Glass insets (glass breakage caused by wind gusts, etc.)
  • Damage to door surfaces after final acceptance of work
  • Repair of fingerprint scanning systems
  • Repair of the electric door opener / day-time release function


Customer Service
- this is how we can help you

Why do new doors have to be “tweaked”?

New buildings can “settle”, shift and move in the millimetre range; it is only after one to two years that they no longer change. That is why a new door can sometimes scrape the floor. This is normal and can be easily fixed by the customer service staff. Tweaking is part of the service and is provided free of cost for the next eight years.

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Which fixings can be replaced by myself?

Which fixings can be replaced by myself?

Old locks, fittings and seals can be replaced without any problems, provided they are still available on the market. Retrofitting of fixings (e.g. power door locks or a fingerprint scanning system) is complex and a clarification should be sought in each individual case. If you wish to retrofit accessories, please contact our representative.

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How do I contact the customer service?

To get in touch with our customer service, you can make an online enquiry, call or write to our head office, or alternatively email us at [email protected]. The service desk is manned from Monday to Friday, from 8 to 12 h and from 13 to 17 h.

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What information is needed by the customer service staff?

Please help us by entering keywords that exactly and briefly describe the problems to be resolved. Images emailed to us at [email protected] or sent via Whatsapp to +39 345 032 4258 would be very helpful. Please do not forget to send us your contact details as well. Ideally, you could also send us our quote number or invoice number.

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May I request customer service support after the warranty has expired?

Of course, you may request customer support even after your warranty period is over. However, you must pay for most of the services that you request after your warranty period has expired. Ask for a cost estimate before requesting any service.

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