Surfaces & veneers
for front doors

Protective beauty

Protection from wind and weather

Wood surfaces for your entrance doors

The surface of an entrance door is more than just protection from the elements. With the right material, colour or grain, you can give your entrance area its very own touch.

The exterior surface of an entrance door has to be made of tough stuff: It needs to withstand wind, weather, rainstorms and temperature fluctuations, without lasting damage.

At the same time, the inner side is expected to look homely. Fortunately Rubner Doors has a very wide range of surfaces and materials available to fulfil your dreams of the perfect real wood entrance door.

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Wood verneers for front doors

Holz Filter
Farbtoenung Filter
Holzarten Filter

101 Oak light

102 Oak medium

103 dark Oak

104 light oak, brushed

105 medium oak, brushed

106 dark oak, brushed

107 light ash

108 medium ash

109 dark ash

110 light Larch

112 light Spruce

113 dark Spruce

Surfaces for the "Protecta" series

Holz Filter
Farbtoenung Filter
Holzarten Filter

Protecta 0027 Prado Agate Grey

Protecta 0070 Carbon Grey

Protecta 0077 Charcoal

Protecta 0085 White

Protecta 0159 Afro Black

Protecta 0421 Venus

Protecta 0426 Loft

Protecta 0496 Colosseum

Protecta 0497 Stonehenge

Protecta 0794 Patina Bronze

Protecta 0932 Akro Terra

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