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Extravagant entrance doors

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They don’t always have to be the same

Entrance door according to your wishes – flexibly and individually

This is the great strength of Rubner Türen GmbH: Although we have the production capacity of a large company, we are still able to respond to each customer’s individual needs, ideas and tastes just as a craftsmen’s workshop does.

Decades of experience, technical precision and a richly imaginative approach give us the ability to produce entrance doors from individual designs for large and small orders. Unique doors to enhance any building.

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Model range: extravagant entrance doors

Individuality with character

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Infinite possibilities for variation

Accessories and components for front doors

Find surfaces, installation situations, fittings, glass types and much more to make your door unique!

Door frames & fittings

Glass & light panels


Hinges & fittings

Bolt systems

Door handles

Side panels & fanlights

Double doors, arches and special geometries