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The environ­ment
and wood
as raw material

A natural resource

Environ­mentally valuable

Solid wood panels for a better ecological footprint

  • Wood binds CO2 from the air and thus minimises emissions even when processed into solid wood panels.
  • Using state-of-the-art technology, Nordpan contributes significantly to efficient, resource-friendly processing.
  • Nordpan solid wood panels are a natural product which is biodegradable after its life cycle is over.

Wood regulates the interior climate

Solid wood panels ae a piece of nature on the living room

  • Wood is hygroscopic. That means that it regulates the moisture balance of the air in a very natural way.
  • Solid-wood living spaces provide a cosy atmosphere and lasting beauty.
  • Nordpan solid wood panels are produced using precious coniferous wood from only the best forest regions. The result is a natural, organic material, which is also easy to process.

Wood is renewable

Solid wood panels are the optimum finishing of a naturally renewable resource

  • The wood that we use to produce our Nordpan solid wood panels comes from certified reafforestation areas (PEFC).
  • In the forests of Austria alone, one cubic metre of wood regrows every second. This means that the forest needs just one minute to regenerate as much wood as would be needed to produce an entire lorry load of solid wood panels.
  • Currently, only two thirds of the annual additional growth are felled in the Alpine region. Ergo, forests are growing in size.

On the safe side with Nordpan

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