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This is who we are

A success story thanks to innovation and quality

A passionate specialist in wood

Nordpan has been manufacturing top-class wooden panels for 50 years

Today, a team of highly competent employees in two locations manufactures more than 5 million square metres of single- and multi-layer solid wood panels annually – by means of state-of-the art production facilities in an innovative environment.

Nordpan was founded in 1969, inspired by the idea of producing construction elements for sustainable as well as modern buildings from a healthy raw material such as wood. Highly versatile, they are an asset for any construction project.

Company history

1969: Formation of Nordpan AG in Olang, Italy (production of chip boards)

1992: Production launch of solid wood panels

1994: Acquisition by the Rubner Group

2006: Formation of Nordpan Rubner Holzbauelemente GmbH (NRH) in Strassen, Austria

2008: Trial operations and official inauguration of NRH (Austria)

2012: Establishment of the new production line (5000 x 1250 mm three-ply panel)

2013: Production launch of the Nordpan construction panel

2017: Acquisition of the “Ligna” saw mill and formation of the Nordpan Olang facility 2

Innovation leader

New technologies from Nordpan make the difference

Ingenuity, lateral thinking, and the courage to try something new revolutionised the production of solid wood panels and made Nordpan a leader in excellency. What makes it so special? The power to innovate comes from within. It is the Nordpan staff who optimise production processes and develop new technologies, such as the ground-breaking wet cutting technique, an innovation which won the South Tyrolean Innovation Award in 2011.

And even as you are reading this, Nordpan is realising new pioneering ideas in order to meet our customers’ requirements even better and optimise our product.

Learning from the best

Jobs with a future in the modern timber industry

Nordpan has got a strong engineering team. Thanks to the excellent infrastructure and a sound training concept, the company can offer its apprentices great career opportunities and turn staff into experts in their fields.

The working environment and the factory halls are well-lit, the equipment is state-of-the-art, and wood has been used as construction material wherever possible. Nordpan’s staff benefit from a good working climate which is conducive to proactive initiative, commitment, diligence, and creativity. Day-to-day work is spiced with variety, raising morale and inspiring enthusiasm. Constant vocational education and training, mainly in-house, help to keep qualification levels high. Any staff member can share ideas and suggest improvements, thus contributing to the company’s success, and they are included in the planning and construction of the machine park. A unique new production technique, maximum efficiency in manufacturing, and economical and considerate handling of the raw material wood: those are the pillars of our production strategy.