Space-saving doors and folding doors

When it gets tight

Folding and space-saving

Sometimes there’s not much space: in passages and small rooms, pantries and angular spaces. In these places a normal hinged door takes up so much space it can get in the way or bump into a nearby wardrobe.

Rubner offers two ingenious solutions: space-saving doors and folding doors. Both systems are made to measure and can be individually designed to suit your preferences like any other Rubner door.

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Folding doors

The folding trick

Folding doors – a brief explanation

Individual design

A fine figure

Folding doors are needed when it gets tight. But this doesn’t cramp the flexible design of the doors: The dimensions and surfaces can be adapted to the customers’ wishes.

Stable hinges

Don’t get unhinged!

The hinges are the most heavily stressed parts of a door – and folding doors have an additional set. This is why we only use the most stable products for this task.

Opening radii

Thriftiness begins at home

A folding door takes up less space than a traditional revolving door: Red is the space needed by a folding door, grey that of a traditional internal door.

Folding doors as spacesavers

The clever alternative

A folding door is a brilliant invention: With a second line at the hinges, the opening radius is greatly reduced. This makes folding doors a perfect choice even in very constricted spaces.

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Space-saving doors

Master of modesty

Space-saving doors are the masters of modesty: They open without grabbing space and standing at a right angle to the wall – instead they draw back, thanks to a sophisticated 2-point system of fixing in the frame, so that they need much less space than a traditional door. And they are much more flexible in another way too: Space-saving doors don’t just open in one direction like a “normal” hinged door – they open inwards and outwards. A sensible alternative when every centimetre counts.

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The advantages
• Saves space by using 2 separate folding leaves
• Guide rail at the top and sturdy fittings make it easy to use
• Can be locked using an integrated locking system
• Made to measure in any type of wood
• Freedom to design the door how you want it

Space-saving doors - a brief explanation

New room concept


With the innovative ERGON fitting system, the usual pivoting centre of the door is moved so that the door leaf opens and – above all – swivels in. This prevents the door from swinging a long way out.

Saving space in style

Less required space

Space-saving doors open in both directions and have a much smaller opening radius than traditional revolving doors: The space marked red is what a space-saving door needs, grey is what a “normal” revolving door needs.

ERGON special fitting

The two-point turn

Space-saving doors need a special kind of attachment. The two fitting plates at the top and bottom keep the door securely in place and enable the door leaf to be swivelled inwards and outwards.

Infinite variation possibilities

Components & accessoires

Find surfaces, installation situations, fittings, glass types and much more to make your door unique!

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Hinges & fittings

Bolt systems

Door handles

Side panels & fanlights

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