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Protection against intrud

Create obstacles for burglars: Rubner Haus entrance doors for houses and apartments in resistance classes RC2 and RC3 deter even persistent thieves.
Gestelltes Bild mit Einbrecher und Brechstange, der sich an grüner Holztür zu schaffen macht

No uninvited guests

Doors with high-level intruder resistance.

Rubner Doors can supply new real wood entrance doors with certified resistance classes up to RC3. This deters attempted break-ins as effectively as a metal armoured door of the same resistance class. This is due to the multi-layered construction, robustly anchored frame, and the modern multi-point lock, which latches at three or five different points.

Violent attempts to break in using drills and hammers can be countered with an escutcheon – a special cover for the lock and latch systems. Rubner real wood security doors come in many versions. They are made in our own production facilities, to the energy-saving standard ECO100, and in many forms, surfaces and colours. Because choosing safety does not mean making sacrifices on style.

Haustüranlage mit Glasseitenteilen und Sicherheitshaustür mit großem, satinierten Glasausschnitt und dunkelgrauer Beschichtung

5 myths about protection against break-ins

Tips for keeping your home safe

Actually they don’t – thieves prefer times when no one is home, namely during working hours, on weekends and during holidays. For that reason it’s a good idea not to publicize longer absences (e.g. on Facebook) and to ask the neighbours to keep an eye on the house.

This would only be true if the house were occupied around the clock – but usually mechanical and structural protection is more effective. Most intruders give up relatively soon when they encounter an obstacle; instead they look for an easier victim. Of course combinations of alarm systems and security doors are ideal.

Well – perhaps. Most insurance companies work with deductibles and clauses that exclude negligence. Furthermore, many of the affected persons discover that they are underinsured since many damages could not be quantified. And one shouldn’t forget that the loss of memorabilia or the sense of security in one’s own home is irreplaceable.

If the burglars had time and weren’t interrupted, yes. Of course a solitary house in the middle of nowhere is at greater risk than a building in the city centre. But in reality, thieves only make an effort for about two or maybe five minutes and then move onto an easier property. Otherwise the risk of discovery would be too great. This is where a door with a high resistance class makes all the difference!

No – but there is a confusion regarding the terminology here. What is generally considered a "security key" can be copied as long as one doesn’t decide on a version with a security card – in the first case, it’s enough to have the key code which someone copies in an unobserved moment (e.g. someone staying in a guesthouse), in the second case, a kind of "password card" must be carried as security.

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