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Where’s the fire?

Fire protection with real wood doors

Real wood doors and fire – can this really work? It can – Rubner Doors with fire protection save lives. Fire protection is especially vital in large buildings with many residents, but it can also save lives in small private apartments.

Firstly Rubner fireproof doors protect residents from naked flames for at least 30 minutes (class EI 30), 60 minutes (EI 60) or even 120 minutes (EI 120). Secondly they also prevent the inflow of treacherous combustion gases, which are far more dangerous than spectacular flames. Fireproof doors buy you time in an emergency.

Rubner Doors has this checked and certified by independent test institutes. This hardly makes a difference to the range of options available to customers. Rubner supplies fireproof doors with individual surfaces and dimensions, and as individual items. Even bespoke orders with sidelights, fanlights or glass panels are possible. Because choosing safety does not mean giving up style.

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This is how Rubner protects you

Fire protection – a brief explanation

Individual design

No compromises

Functional but ugly fireproof doors? That’s in the past. You can’t distinguish a Rubner fireproof door from its “normal” sisters on the outside. There are no restrictions on your design ideas!


The trick with the stripe

One thing visibly distinguishes fireproof doors: The rough, dark fire protection strip that goes around the door leaf. It swells up in case of heat and seals the wall opening.

Self-closing doors

Door closed!

Fireproof doors must be self-closing – if someone were to leave them open in a panic, even the best protective door would be pointless. Top door closers reliably ensure that whatever needs to be close

Multi-layer door leaf

The mixture is the key!

Rubner fireproof doors aren’t simple wooden boards: The multi-layered construction protects the core of the door leaf and prevents the fire from passing through for a long time. You could never tell f

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