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Certifications and technical testing

Buying doors is a matter of trust. After all, a door is the most important barrier against intruders and inquisitive eyes; it is the most important protector of our privacy. It’s good to know exactly what you are buying: So we subject our products to strict testing and checking, so that you, the customer, have comprehensive information about the properties of our doors. And Rubner Türen do what they promise – certifiably in Italy, Austria and Switzerland!

Rubner Türen is innovative – and it has been for decades! Italy’s first ecologically-certified KlimaHaus entrance door? A Rubner door! The first EI30-certified fireproof real wood entrance door? A Rubner door, naturally! And Italy’s first wooden entrance door to be certified by the RC2 and RC3 resistance class security standards? You guessed. Rubner Türen – always on trend.

Particularly important: Rubner Türen has its quality management system audited via ISO 9001:2015 certification, as well as its safety management system with ISO 45001:2018 certification. These rigorous, external audits guarantee that our company operates with the highest quality and safety standards.


Proven quality

Protection against intru­ders RC3 (WK3)

Certified high-level protection against intruders: Resistance class RC3 is a precaution against criminals who try to break open a door with a crowbar.

Climate house certificate for entrance doors

All entrance doors from Rubner are in the ECO100 series and thus comply with the specifications of the Climate House Standard A of the South Tyrolean Climate House Agency.

Minergie module door

The MINERGIE inspection is the Swiss version of the South Tyrolean Climate House certification and documents the excellent insulation value of Rubner entrance doors in the ECO100 series.

Passive house certification

The German passive house certification by the Passive House Institute in Darmstadt is one of the strictest tests in the world in the area of insulation. Rubner entrance doors can also meet these requirements.

High-performance door for sound insulation and fire

The internal doors in the STILL series offer truly high performance: In this case, the tested door combines noise protection functions up to -42dB with the resistance class 3.

Our Mission Statement and Organizational Model

Organization of the Rubner Türen GmbH

Here you will find the mission statement according to which we align our activities, as well as our organizational model ([email protected]).


Rubner Türen GmbH mission statement (under revision)
Organizational Model Rubner Türen GmbH (german)

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Information about Rubner Türen GmbH

Find out more about our philosophy, our understanding of the environment, our quality awareness, certifications, renovation options, career opportunities at Rubner Türen and the Rubner Group.