The calm in the storm

Soundproof doors

You can close your eyes but not your ears – it’s better to shut out the noise completely!
dunkle Gewitterwolken mit Blitz über einem See im Gebirge, Imagebild zum Schallschutz


Sound insulation with real wood doors

Noise makes you ill. So in a way, a soundproof door is like medicine. In any case, it is definitely good if closing the door also means you escape the noise. Even “normal” real wood doors from Rubner reduce the noise level by around 30 dB. A genuinely soundproof door from our “STILL” series achieves a reduction of up to 46 dB. That is the like the difference between the twittering of birds and the sound of a lawnmower.

So that’s the doors – but if you choose a sound insulating door, make sure the rest of the house is set up for sound insulation too. The best soundproof door is of little use if water pipes, old-fashioned windows, cabling or ventilation systems carry the noise in other ways. Ask our experts for advice.

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