Linz V Q


Strikingly cut interior door with geometric V joint, wood surface, and vertical as well as horizontal veneer. Wood type can be freely selected from the veneer catalogue. Standard design with handle

Maximum sizes:
very wide doors should not be excessively high, and very high doors should not be excessively wide
maximum standard width up to 1200 x 2200 mm
maximum standard height up to 900 x 2700 mm
other sizes available on request

Customer-defined door leaf thickness: 45 mm / 50 mm / 65 mm
Door leaf thickness can be customised in special-purpose designs



  • Wood type can be selected from the veneer catalogue
  • Available as door frame with post or door frame with lining
  • available as flush door or rebated door
  • available as fireproof door (excluding certain accessories)
  • available as soundproof door (excluding certain accessories)
  • available as space-saving door
  • available as swing door



Innentür mit horizontal gemaserter Holzoberfläche und Zierfuge rechts, die im Griffberech in Dreieckform nach links ausbricht