Installation options

Flush or rebated – how your doors are installed defines the effect they have!
Detail zweier flächenbündigen Haustüren, flächenbündig mit anthrazitfarbener Oberfläche undzwei kurzen abgewinkelten Stoßgriffen mit Edelstahloptik

Simple mounting

Options for mounting internal doors

The mounting position defines the character of a door: Should it be mounted flush with the wall or in the centre? Should the frame encase the edge of the wall as with a door frame with lining, or be set into the wall as it is with the door frame with a post? Do fire prevention factors need to be considered? Rubner Doors offers a wide range of mounting options to provide the ideal solution for the specific requirements of each situation.

Contact our consultants for any questions about door mounting and installation options!

Detail einer flächenbündigen Innentür mit rotbrauner Holzoberfläche und aluminiumfarbenem Drücker

Things to consider

Requirements of the installation situation

In a rebated installation, the door extends above the panelling of the door frame. Flush-mounted doors, as the name implies, are mounted flush or level with the panelling of the door frame. If the door should be set exactly in the centre of the wall, the best choice is a symmetrical installation of the door frame with post. This makes the door appear to be set equally deep in the wall from the inside and the outside. When installing a door frame with lining, one side of the door appears to sit deeper inside the wall than the other. This also applies to an installation that is flush with the wall: Here the panelling of the door frame is level or flush with the wall on one side of the door. You can find examples in the image gallery and our catalogues, which you can download.

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No, all of our internal doors are certified for flush, rebated or centre-of-wall installations and fulfil the selected optional functions (fireproof, soundproof) without problems. Only space-saving and folding doors require specific installation conditions. Contact our consultants for details!

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Doors that are rebated or in the centre of the wall break up the monotony of the wall more than flush-mounted doors, which is why they are particularly suitable for livening up long wall fronts. A flush or centre-of-wall installation appears cooler and more modern and thus fits best into contemporary homes. Download our catalogues for examples!

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Detail einer geöffneten flächenbündigen Innentür mit brauner Holzoberfläche und sichtbaren verdeckt eingebautem Türband