Into the home

Entrance doors for apartm

Entrance doors for apartments are the calling card of a home and their most important protection. Rubner Doors will create an individual entrance door for you that perfectly fits your lifestyle.

Your showpiece

Individual entrance doors for apartments

Entrance doors for apartments are the first striking mark of an individual lifestyle. Of course they do more than that: They provide protection from intruders and noise, just like a house entrance door, they need to open and close smoothly like a internal door and they often have different surfaces on the inner and outer sides. Functioning as dividing and linking element at the same time, they make their mark both in your home and in the world outside it. Rubner apartment doors can be made in any style that you see in our range of house entrance doors or internal doors.

The best of both worlds

What distinguishes apartment doors

Entrance doors to apartments have the same function as the entrance door of a house, even when they are inside a building. For this reason they are constructed with more strength and can be fitted with more locking systems than “normal” internal doors. Just like our entrance doors for houses, those for apartments are available in the safety classes RC2 and RC3.

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Although entrance doors for apartments resemble those for houses, they aren’t exposed to wind and weather. This means you can also use more delicate materials for the surfaces than would be advisable for an entrance door.

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Rubner entrance doors for apartments aren’t just limited to a few models: You can combine any surface, shape and accessory from all of our entrance and internal doors for your apartment entrance, whichever way you like. As with any Rubner door, this also includes the option to use different surfaces for the inside and outside of your door. Particularly in condominiums and multi-family houses, you can then maintain a uniform style on the outside and express your own taste on the inside.

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Apartment doors

The apartment entrance door is the first impression visitors will have of your own home. Customize it!