Sustainability as a responsibility

Environmental awareness

Sustainable operations require a careful handling of raw materials. We accept this responsibility – every day
Waldboden mit Baumstamm

Environmentally friendly products


Rubner Doors and the entire Rubner Group are committed to sustainability and the careful handling of nature’s resources. In our production facilities and in our products themselves we aim to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible. One thing is certain: Thoughtless handling of the gifts nature has given us harms not only the environment, but also ourselves.

For the love of nature

Sustainability in all areas

Like all companies in the Rubner Group, Rubner Doors uses wood from renewable and thus sustainably managed forests. This helps nature in two ways: We preserve old-growth forests that deserve protection and remove climate-damaging CO2 gas from the atmosphere.

Sustainability doesn’t end with the acquisition of raw materials. Careful and intelligent finishing reduces the demand and helps everyone: The environment, the company and the customers. This is why we constantly optimise our processes while avoiding idling and waste.

We work against a throwaway society: We apply top-quality artisanal skills and the precision of a high-tech company to produce doors that you can still enjoy in decades. The individual design and durability of our products ensures that you won’t need to replace them after a few years.

Nowhere can you save energy – and thus money – more directly than in residential buildings. Our doors help you maintain a pleasant temperature in your home. This lets you retain heat in the winter and cold in the summer while you save heating or cooling energy. For the sake of the environment too.

Zwei Hände halten einen Keimling mit Erde