Presentazione di Jan Gehl sponsored by RUBNER


Venerdì, 25. maggio - ore 19.30 - università Bolzano

Jan Gehl, architetto, professore e ricercatore danese, partner e fondatore dello studio Gehl Architects, ha presentato presso l'università di Bolzano la sua visione di "liveable cities of the 21st century".
Dopo la conferenza la ditta Rubner ha invitato ad un aperitivo. Grazie per la Vostra partecipazione, è stato una serata di successo, molto informativo!

Around 1960 the paradigms for city planning were radically changed. Modernism became dominant and the invasion of motorcars took off. In this process the care for the people using cities - looked after for centuries by tradition and experience - was completely left behind. This is the story told by Jan Gehl who explains why looking after people is cru-cial for the quality of cities in the 21st century. City transformations and mobility strategies from Denmark, USA, Austra-lia and Russia will serve as examples of this new people oriented direction in city planning.

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