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Tourism industry

Rubner Doors is the ideal partner for tourist companies that want to offer exclusive vacation spaces.

Assembly that hits the spot

Exclusive doors made of real wood

Supplying to the tourism industry successfully makes particular demands: intensive consultation, precise production, prompt delivery and assembly, including for large contracts. Clients in the tourism sector only have limited windows of time when they can update rooms and buildings to keep up with current expectations and customers’ tastes. That’s where Rubner Doors is a winner, with industrial scale production capacity, but a craftsman’s precision and love of detail.

For special holidays

Advantages for the tourism sector

Not every crafts business can master the logistical challenge of furnishing a large hotel building with uniformly produced doors, sliding partitions and movable dividers in a short time. Rubner Doors can handle this and has proven so brilliantly in recent decades. Benefit from the capacity of a technologically superior company that refuses to produce items off the rack: Every Rubner door can be a one-of-a-kind piece that sets your guest room apart.

Being distinctive is the secret ingredient in a successful tourist operation – and as an important design element, doors can give your business that special touch. Rubner Doors specialises in making customised doors with exceptional surfaces, shapes and dimensions. Find out what entrance doors and internal doors made of real wood can do for your company!

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Lodgings must satisfy numerous conditions, not least in the area of fire protection and sound insulation. Rubner Doors can take a lot of this work off your hands: Our certified soundproof and fireproof doors have been tested by renowned national and international institutes and easily meet the requirements prescribed for tourist operations. Thanks to the large selection of accessories and surfaces, this has not impacted our designs.

See the variety of our fire protection, sound insulation and special-function doors for yourself!

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In tourist businesses, doors are heavily used architectural elements. If anything sticks or a door starts to slip, a fast repair is essential. Our in-house customer service is reachable on weekdays from 8 am to 5 pm with a quick call, an email to tueren@rubner.com or a Whatsapp message to +39 345 032 4258.

You can also send us a direct inquiry.

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