Firmly anchored

Door hinges

Door hinges ensure stability and can define the style.
Zwei Bildausschnitte von Türbändern montierter Türen, rechts weiße Tür mit verdecktem Band, halb geöffnet, rechts flächenbündige Fichtenholztür mit messingfarbenem Band, geschlossen

Firmly fixed

Hinges as a design feature

Hinges are the most important part of a door, because they are what make the door work smoothly, quietly and reliably. They also make a significant difference to the appearance. They can be concealed or visible, wide or narrow, in various materials and colours; they define the boundary between inside and outside. Different sizes and forms of hinges may be used, depending whether the door they will carry is heavy or light, and whether they are to be visible or invisible.

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