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Installation of internal doors

Rubner internal doors can be fitted in many different ways: flush-mounted, rebated or with sidelights. This means your internal doors can become a three-dimensional architectural feature that you and your planner can use to define the character of your living space.

For installation options for functional doors, click on the desired door: fire door - all-glass door - sliding doors or scroll to the end of the page.

Our consultants will be glad to advise you about the most appropriate mounting options for your door, to make sure you are happy with the aesthetic features as well as the functional aspects.

  • Classic frames (rebated doors): If the door leaf is installed "rebated", i.e. protrudes beyond the decorative clothing, this corresponds to the classic installation system in the alpine region. Whether as a frame with lining or a block frame: flexible, optically appealing and adapted to the room conditions, it guarantees the perfect all-round closure of the door.
  • Modern frame system (flush-fitting or flush-wall doors): Modern frame systems are characterised by restraint in comparison to classic, rebated mounting. They form a flush unit with the door leaf. They therefore fit very well into modern interiors with clear lines.
  • Steel frames: Steel frames are mainly used for heavily used doors, for example in schools or public buildings with heavy public traffic. They are particularly good at absorbing impacts and, in combination with wooden doors, are a very high-quality solution. Of course, it is also possible to install fire doors with steel frames.