Clear separation

Bolt systems

Lock and bolt systems on internal doors protect your privacy.
Ausschnitt einer weiß beschichteten, geöffneten Innentür mit gut sichtbarem Drücker, Schloss und Schließblech

Protect your privacy

Locks and bolt systems

The main function of a lock is of course to keep the door closed, and spaces separate from each other. But they can also add interest to the smooth surface of a door and form a design feature. They can be protruding or flush-fitted, square, rounded or oblong, and made of various materials; The lock, and particularly its cover, can add a stylish finishing touch to a door. In brass, aluminium, stainless steel, black steel or lacquered in any RAL lacquering, door locks and handles provide visual interest on the door leaf!

Bolt systems

Key plates and escutcheons

Spyholes, entry systems and fixings