More light!

Glass doors

Glass doors are an expression of a modern lifestyle

Playing with light

Glass doors

Glass doors are extremely popular: They bring natural light and brightness into the living area, and connect spaces instead of dividing. Of course they are always made of safety glass: So nothing can happen to the glass – however capricious a material it can be. Coatings and textured glass provide adecorative element and visual screeningfor private areas. They create fascinating light patterns in your living spaces.

Our consultants will tell you more about the many ways you can use glass doors to conjure up new living spaces!

Safety first

Information about Rubner glass doors

Rubner glass doors are always made of single-pane safety glass. Like the windshield of a car, this glass breaks into small pieces without sharp edges if it gets cracked: This prevents injuries.

Rubner glass doors are produced with a thickness of 8 or 10 millimetres and thus weigh about as much as a real wood internal door with the same height and width dimensions. 

Glass doors are somewhat limited when it comes to providing additional fire protection and sound insulation. This is determined by the physics of the material. Fire protection and sound insulation comparable to a real wood door would only be possible at great expense and would not be certified. If having a fireproof and soundproof door is a decisive criterion, the installation of a real wood internal door with glass panels would be an elegant compromise between additional protective functions and the brightness of the room.

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Glass doors can also be installed as sliding partitions and serve as room dividers. This works especially well to reduce the sound volume without affecting the brightness of the room. A glass sliding door is a welcome compromise between seclusion and openness to communication in offices and workspaces, for example.

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Glass doors offer many decoration options and can be finished with design elements. This could be full-surface matting, stripes or random shapes: Rubner Doors creates your glass door for you exactly as you wish. Find out more from our consultants!

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Bright open spaces

Glass doors

Glass doors make a significant difference to the sense of openness in an interior space. Below you can see some examples of how glass doors can be used to achieve particular effects with light.