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5 steps to your Rubner door

How to get to your Rubner Door

Doors are high-tech products, even if the surface doesn’t give any hint of that: They are expected to hold their shape and provide protection from cold, heat, noise and fire. At the same time they need to work smoothly and quietly, and to look attractive. That requires high-quality raw materials, precision workmanship, experience, scrupulously careful assembly – and time. A multi-layer, highly resistant door leaf by Rubner Doors also has to “rest” as part of the production process, allow any lacquering to dry thoroughly and internal stresses to settle. We allow time for that.

Doors are one of the last elements to be installed in a new-build project, usually after even flooring and tiling. Because we can only position our Rubner doors perfectly once it is clear what the final height of the floor is. If you would like to know more about the refinements of the assembly process, contact our consultants!

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The first step to your Rubner Door: Contact your technical consultant. Arrange a free and non-binding consultation with us. Ideally, you should already have a basic concept in mind for your new doors.

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Take your time to get an in-depth consultation regarding your project! We customise our doors to your individual needs: What kinds of surfaces, locking systems, colours, dimensions and add-on functions do you need? Once you provide us with this infor

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The building layout plan provides us with rough measurements - however, we would prefer to base our production on accurate measurements taken of the real object on site. As soon as the preliminary building works have been completed, our consultant w


Assembly of the doors is almost the last step in the construction of a building. To ensure that we can proceed with installation as soon as other works have been completed, we deliver our doors to the construction site a few days in advance of the in


Installation is performed by a Rubner Doors employee at an agreed time. The new structure is allowed to settle until it reaches its “final position”. The final tweaking of the doors is done subsequently to ensure their smooth operation.