Aging with dignity

Entrance doors in real wo

Real wood entrance doors with a reclaimed wood surface are the big trend
Rechts Altholz-Haustür mit quadratischem Glasausschnitt, links Rundbogen-Haustüranlage in Bruchsteinmauer mit weißer, doppelflügeliger hoher Haustür und Seitenteilen, jeweils mit vertikalem Glasausschnitt

A happy combination

Rubner reclaimed wood doors with a modern touch

Vintage wood doors are in fashion: They are well suited to Rubner’s traditional craftsmanship, working with carefully selected hardwoods, using precision and creativity to make unique bespoke doors.  An innovative technique developed by Rubner Doors enables us to combine contemporary and traditional materials to meet modern requirements: Sunbleached reclaimed wood is combined with glass panels framed in modern stainless steel, and excellent intruder protection.

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Haustüranlage in Bruchsteinmauer mit Haustür in Altholz und zwei Seitenteilen mit vertikalen Glasausschnitten

Looking great in any setting

Reclaimed wood doors

Vintage wood entrance doors aren’t just for old farmhouses: Many customers of Rubner Doors have opted for an entrance door with a reclaimed wood surface, even for modern building projects. Here you can see a selection of building projects where Rubner reclaimed wood entrance doors have been used.