Entrance door H 1


Real wood entrance door with large glass panel. Standard design with baseboard and sidebars.

Real wood front entrance door with large glass panel and sidebars. Standard design with baseboard Surface can be selected from the veneer catalogue.

Standard sizes

  • Width up to 1220 mm inner width
  • height 2750 mm
  • door leaf thickness 72 mm



Real wood door

  • Surface: Wood type can be selected from the veneer catalogue
  • Glass panel: Standard textured safety glass
  • fire-rated version is available (excluding certain accessories)
  • soundproof version is not possible (glass panel)
  • Sound reduction index -31 dB
  • Integrated thermal insulation in standard design: Ud 1.1 (optionally up to Ud 0.74)
  • certified as passive house entrance door, front entrance door built to Minergie sustainable building standard, KlimaHaus certified entrance door A
  • Three-point lock (optionally five-point lock)
  • Optionally: electric door opener, fingerprint scanning system, e-access, numerical keypad, power lock
  • Available in resistance class RC2 or RC3




Haustür mit mittelbrauner Holzoberfläche, großem vertikalem Glasausschnitt mit mittigem, vertikalen Buntglasstreifen