Keep in step with the times


Renovate carefully - renovate intelligently
Rechts Altholz-Haustür mit quadratischem Glasausschnitt, links Rundbogen-Haustüranlage in Bruchsteinmauer mit weißer, doppelflügeliger hoher Haustür und Seitenteilen, jeweils mit vertikalem Glasausschnitt

Why renovating is worthwhile

Making new from old – perfect renovation

Doors are made of tough stuff. Entrance doors in particular are exposed to the wind and weather for decades, they defy the variations of the seasons and protect you reliably. Sooner or later, however, like any other product, they need to be replaced. There is no harm in that: after all, doors and windows are crucial points in the building envelope, as far as energy loss is concerned. Replacing your door with a Rubner ECO100 entrance door helps to save energy. Perhaps it is a much-loved door that needs to be replaced – one that is a key part of the building’s character. In that case the specialists at Rubner Doors can recreate individual old doors in a way that is true to the original, but with a modern inner structure.

The advantages:

• Your door replaced in the shortest possible time
• No mess on site
• New door is mounted into the existing door frame
• Funding available for energy-saving renovations
• High resistance class for effective protection against intruders
• State-of-the-art, energy-friendly construction methods

Examples of successful renovations

New life