At the test laboratory

Certified quality

Rubner Doors faces the large tests - we certify our products so you can be sure of their quality.

...control is better

Certifications and technical testing

Buying doors is a matter of trust. After all, a door is the most important barrier against intruders and inquisitive eyes; it is the most important protector of our privacy. It’s good to know exactly what you are buying: So we subject our products to strict testing and checking, so that you, the customer, have comprehensive information about the properties of our doors. And Rubner doors do what they promise – certifiably in Italy, Austria and Switzerland!

Rubner Doors is innovative – and it has been for decades! Italy’s first ecologically-certified KlimaHaus entrance door? A Rubner door! The first EI30-certified fireproof real wood entrance door? A Rubner door, naturally! And Italy’s first wooden entrance door to be certified by the RC2 and RC3 resistance class security standards? You guessed. Rubner Doors – always on trend.