Why do we provide support?

Why do we provide support?

We want to make a sustainable improvement to people’s situations

Hermann Rubner was inspired by the Sermon on the Mount and was guided by altruism all his life. We are continuing and augmenting these values. We believe in community and that those who are in a position to give have a responsibility to do so.

But we also believe in what is known in business as the win-win effect. We believe in giving something good back to the society in which the Rubner Group has flourished and that, ultimately, everyone benefits when people’s suffering is minimised and the well-being of the environment and access to culture are maximised.

Our pledge: We want to make a sustainable improvement to a person’s situation:

  • by developing their outlook on life and living environments.
  • by helping immediately and without bureaucracy when they suffer misfortune.
  • by taking care of disadvantaged people.
  • by caring for our environment through preserving the natural world and supporting culture.

Values of the Rubner family


You can trust our word.


We are honest with each other in all interactions and relationships.


We work with diligence, passion, and persistence. Our dedication is based on our passion for our individual tasks and our shared successes.


We work together and accept and support each other. Our cooperation is characterised by respect, collegiality, and team spirit. The well-being of the community takes priority here.

Ready to evolve

We are open-minded, curious, and always willing to learn.


We take responsibility. We know that all our decisions and actions have a direct impact on the future.

Focused on profitability

We increase the value of our company. The Rubner Group bears responsibility.

Founding objectives

We’re building for the future!

We want to give disadvantaged people a new perspective and social stability. We want to give the people concerned new strength through community and preserving the family environment. The aim of our commitment is to inspire positive thinking and provide fresh momentum to individual living environments, thereby continuing Hermann Rubner’s legacy.

But, for us, it is not just about social cohesion. Our understanding of a sound living environment also includes unspoiled nature and enjoyment of culture. It is for this reason that we are committed to developing new living environments, new perspectives, and a new zest for life in these areas, too.

The interests that once motivated Hermann Rubner continue to guide us today. For us, living and working together also means sticking together – especially when people around us get into difficulties, but also when, with a little effort, we can make a major improvement to people’s living conditions. In this way, we aim to play a part in building a positive future.

The Foundation’s vision

Hermann Rubner Privatstiftung Onlus

Hermann Rubner’s life was linked with design, building, and development like almost no other.
Hermann Rubner bolstered companies in good times and bad and knew how to show people a way forward time and again. For him, social responsibility was a matter of course.

We strive to continue Hermann Rubner’s legacy.


Hermann Rubner viewed social responsibility as one of his most important tasks as an entrepreneur. Social responsibility means firstly adding value and secondly living values that benefit the community and ensure the preservation of society.

Hermann Rubner was a passionate entrepreneur who had great compassion for people in distress or disadvantaged people. Through its work, the Foundation would like to promote this way of thinking and make a key contribution in terms of social responsibility.