Who are we?

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Who are we?

Hermann Rubner Privatstiftung Onlus

Hermann Rubner Privatstiftung Onlus commemorates the entrepreneur Hermann Rubner (1938–2005).

Hermann Rubner played a key role in establishing the Rubner Group. He was an extremely successful and far-sighted entrepreneur who not only set an outstanding example in terms of his entrepreneurial achievements but was also notable for the social aspects of his life’s work.

His way of “quietly helping others” is both a legacy and a vision.

For this reason, the Rubner family founded the private foundation on 29 November 2005, exactly one year after the date of his death. The Foundation was established on the initiative of Dr Hansjörg Bergmeister, once the closest colleague and advisor of Hermann Rubner. The Foundation officially started operating on 27 June 2006.

The purpose of the Foundation is to preserve the memory of Hermann Rubner’s social achievements and to continue them as he would have wished. At the same time, it is setting a unique example in South Tyrol through this form of social commitment.

About Hermann Rubner

Creating values. Preserving values.

Hermann Rubner was not only a gifted entrepreneur, but also human in the most positive sense of the word. A person to whom goodness, a sense of responsibility, and generosity were second nature. A person who also felt the need to share his personal success with others who were less fortunate in life.

Hermann Rubner was born in 1938 and grew up in a large family with ten children. Back then, his father, Josef Rubner sr., had been running a water-powered sawmill at the Schönbrothof in Chienes in the Puster Valley (South Tyrol, Italy) since 1926. In 1968, Hermann Rubner, the younger brother of Paul and Josef Rubner jr., joined the company founded by Paul Rubner, which at that time had already been producing log cabins since 1965. Hermann Rubner gave the company a significant boost thanks to his strong entrepreneurial spirit.

He inherited business acumen and an innovative spirit from his father, also an entrepreneur through and through. He brought with him energy and a wealth of ideas and soon expanded the core business to include other timber products. The strategic process chain for timber products developed for the production of log cabins is still the hallmark of the Rubner Group today. The company grew steadily, and several companies were created. Ultimately, it became what it is today: the Rubner Group.

Hermann Rubner had a great deal of vision. He grappled with developments that went way beyond his entrepreneurial activities, was constantly on the lookout for something new, and was not afraid of critical dialogue. Thanks to his great vision he was an oft sought-after partner for discussion and advice.
A statement based on his own personal experience: “You should never go over to the workers when they’re not working, only when they’re working.”

Hermann Rubner demonstrated the same creativity in his assistance projects as in his business life. He initiated countless social projects and quietly helped countless people.

Drei Fotos von Hermann Rubner