What do we support?

What do we support?

We’re building social, cultural, and environmental projects.

We people need one another. We need to be together, and we need the right conditions for this. People, nature, culture. Our projects are based on these three pillars. Three areas that define our shared living environment.

Three areas in which we are committed to fostering the development of new living environments and perspectives on life.

Our main activities are primarily focused on long-term projects of a social nature.

We’re building social projects!

Behind the core message of “We’re building for the future!” is a commitment to people in need of help to whom the Foundation provides support within the community. We give the people concerned a new desire for life and promote their positive development. The Foundation gives these people hope and a new perspective. We take care of people who endure social hardship. Families who have lost their main breadwinner, or farmers whose yard has burned down, for example. This also includes providing security for our own employees, who are protected after perhaps having suffered personal hardship and do not have to be anxious about their future.


We support education, training, and social facilities for people with disabilities, orphans, or other disadvantaged people whose livelihoods and social integration are threatened. By creating new living environments we aim to give these people the courage to find a new and motivating purpose in life.

“We’re building for the future!” also incorporates the idea of creating new spaces. These are intended to provide people in need with housing, a common meeting place, and a place of shelter. The Foundation’s construction activities, which can range from renovating existing structures to building new ones, create a better living environment for people in need.

We’re building environmental projects!

Respect the natural world!

The core message of “We’re building for the future!” also refers to our focus on the environment. Protecting the environment preserves the natural world for people and nature. This also helps to enable future generations to develop a positive outlook on their lives.


The natural world is crucially important, particularly for disadvantaged people. Due to their disadvantages, they often no longer have the opportunity to experience nature. That is exactly what Hermann Rubner Privatstiftung Onlus wants to enable them to do. We want to make nature accessible to these people, and it is for precisely this reason that we are also committed to preserving the natural environment.

The Foundation does not view environmental protection as merely fighting the consequences of the destruction of the natural world, but is also particularly concerned with taking positive preventive actions such as resource-saving measures to reduce CO2 emissions.

We’re building cultural projects!

Preserving art and culture

Companies need employees. Employees need companies

Linking the core message of “We’re building for the future!” with the two dimensions of space and perspectives also applies when it comes to our commitment to culture. We support spaces for exhibitions and concerts, open spaces and projects for young or unknown artists, which in turn provides new perspectives for people creating art and culture. We advocate cultural projects and support the protection of historic monuments, because protecting them safeguards our cultural heritage for the future. The Foundation’s activities prolong the life of historic monuments, thus promoting sustainability.


For this reason, the cultural perspectives opened up by the Foundation benefit not only individuals, but social communities, too, as these communities are greatly enriched by diverse areas of culture (art, handicrafts, architecture, literature, music, dance, etc.). 

This is a view that Hermann Rubner shared with many others. And yet he was not just one of the few, but also one of the first to establish a consistent link between the well-being of the company and the well-being of employees. He thus created long-term prospects and supported employees in difficult life situations. He shared his success and cultivated a symbiotic relationship between commercial efficiency and social responsibility.

Hermann Rubner established a social programme at a time when few entrepreneurs even spoke about this at all. The Sermon on the Mount, in which the social programme plays a key part, had long preoccupied Hermann Rubner and became the starting point for his personal social philosophy.

He helped countless employees when they had problems or were building homes.
We are continuing this tradition.

“When Jesus saw the crowds, He went up on the mountain and sat down. His disciples came to Him, and He began to teach them.”


The nature of true righteousness – Matthew 5.1–7.29

The Sermon on the Mount

Memorial donations on behalf of our employees

Memorial donations when our employees’ family members pass away:

Someone who lives on in the memories of their loved ones
is not dead, only far away. -
Only those who are forgotten are dead.

The loss of a loved one is hard to bear. We commemorate the passing of (immediate) family members by making a donation. The surviving relatives decide which cause will receive the donation.