We’re building for the future!

Glaskugel auf Holz in der sich ein Baum spiegelt

We’re building for the future!

Hermann Rubner Privatstiftung Onlus

Hermann Rubner Privatstiftung Onlus, a non-profit private foundation for social causes, would like to create new living environments and perspectives on life: “We’re building for the future!”

The Foundation is committed to three areas:

We’re building social projects!
We’re building environmental projects!
We’re building cultural projects!

Hermann Rubner Privatstiftung Onlus’ main activities are focused on projects of a sustainable and social nature.

Hermann Rubner Privatstiftung Onlus is about people who find themselves at a physical or mental disadvantage.

Its aim is to improve a person’s situation for the long term.
This is also reflected in the Foundation’s innovative status as an Onlus – a non-profit organisation for social causes.

Values of the Rubner family


You can trust our word.


We are honest with each other in all interactions and relationships.


We work with diligence, passion, and persistence. Our dedication is based on our passion for our individual tasks and our shared successes.


We work together and accept and support each other. Our cooperation is characterised by respect, collegiality, and team spirit. The well-being of the community takes priority here.

Ready to evolve

We are open-minded, curious, and always willing to learn.


We take responsibility. We know that all our decisions and actions have a direct impact on the future.

Focused on profitability

We increase the value of our company. The Rubner Group bears responsibility.

Drei Fotos von Hermann Rubner

“You should never go over to the workers when they’re not working, only when they’re working.”

Hermann Rubner