High-performance sawn timber

Versatile sawn timber

How Rubner Holzindustrie products are used

Sawn timber produced by Rubner Holzindustrie is highly versatile Sawn timber may be used for construction or packaging, as solid construction timber, or for highly complex architectural glulam structures based on glulam beams in timber engineering. Learn more about how our products are used for timber engineering with Rubner Holzbau.

The world’s highest wooden viewing tower

Built with glulam beams produced by Rubner Holzindustrie

The wooden viewing tower rises almost 100 m high into the sky. The tower was planned by the Klaura, Kaden + Partner architectural office from Klagenfurt, Austria, and the Lackner + Raml structural design office from Villach, Austria. The tower consists of 16 massive, elliptical wooden pillars winding their way up into the sky in a basket-design spiral shape.

The overall structure consists of 16 glued laminated timber posts, reinforced by 10 elliptical rings and 80 diagonal struts. Rubner Holzbau Ober-Grafendorf produced roughly 500 m³ of glued laminated timber using glulam beams produced by Rubner Holzindustrie, and delivered the construction elements to the construction site right on schedule and in a just-in-time fashion. Their own staff was responsible for assembly.