Production & technology

Main cut sorting line

Production & technology

Side cut sorting line

Production & technology

Drying channel

Production & technology

Rough edge scanner

Production & technology

Further processing

Production & technology

The saw mill

Utmost precision

Linck wood chipper and circular saw technology and our special focus on maintenance ensure utmost precision for our sawn timber products. Continuously high quality is also important for all mill byproducts formed during timber processing. Learn more about our mill byproducts.


The drying channel

Drying in drying channels (flow dryer) has been a standard procedure at our plant for more than 10 years now. We gradually increased usage of this technology, because it offers better drying quality and higher energy efficiency.

Machine sorting and planing unit

High sorting quality and speed

A high-performance Ledinek Stratoplan unit and the latest Microtec Goldeneye machine form the heart of our planing unit. Precision, continuously high sorting quality, and speed are the key qualities of this unit. Strength sorting has been one of the core tasks of our company for almost 20 years now.

Further processing

Duo and trio beams

Strength-sorted side and main cuts are glued to make duo and trio beams. This manufacturing step is characterised by its high productivity and the simplicity of the production processes involved.


Short-term availability

25,000 m³ of sawn timber can be stored in tempered buildings. Standard dimensions for glulam production are available at short notice.