The company

Rubner Holzindustrie

The saw mill in the well-forested region of Styria, Austria. Modern scanning technology, innovative facilities, and immediate processing of sawn timber for the production of glulam beams and glued laminated timber.

Regional value creation has always been our top priority

Investment guarantees ongoing growth


Rubner Holzindustrie is firmly rooted in the region of Styria, Austria. Since the company was founded back in 1978, we have continuously integrated modern technical equipment into our production processes. When the company was taken over by the Rubner Group in 1996, the former pallet factory was gradually expanded and is now a saw mill with numerous further processing capabilities. One of the expansions included the high-performance planing facility featuring a total annual capacity of up to 180,000 m³.

“Using wood, a natural product, sustainably and trying to minimise waste is especially important for us. The logs come from PEFC-certified forests in the region and are used 100 %.”

Ing. Albert Weissensteiner, MBA

Managing director