"Stadt Haus natürlich", DE


Many people dream of living in the centre of Stuttgart’s Möhringen district, close to all the services and amenities, but only very few manage to make this dream a reality.

A group of young families realised that the only way to achieve this was by joining forces and decided to set up a cooperative called “Baugemeinschaft stadt.haus.natürlich GbR”. The cooperative commissioned Rubner Objektbau to build a turnkey complex on Hechinger Road, comprising 9 terraced houses and 1 apartment building with 3 barrier-free apartments. Our construction site became an example for the city.

Project details

Client Baugemeinschaft stadt.haus.natürlich GbR

Location Stuttgart DE

Architecture endemann + kilgus architekten, Stuttgart DE

Construction time work in progress (turn-key)

General contractor Rubner Objektbau

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"Stadt Haus natürlich", Stuttgart DE

- NEWS 2019 -

On 23rd September 2019, we held an open day and invited representatives from the City of Stuttgart and a large group of journalists. The open day received a lot of attention in the local press.