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Montessori nursery school

The nursery school in the municipality of Collecchio is a rectangular one-storey building with fours cubes arranged at the edges.

An open courtyard was planned in the centre of the building. The roof was chosen to be flat, with several domed rooflights to let the daylight in. The interior rooms were designed in such a way to allow for a smooth transition from the crèche to the nursery school, but with each area representing an independent unit, the same way that children are to perceive the transition through their developmental stages. The playground can be accessed from the inside via generously roofed terraces.


- Rubner Objektbau -

Project details

Contractor Collecchio municipality IT

Location Collecchio IT

Architecture Lorenzo Gherri, Collecchio IT

Building volume 3,200 m³

Turnkey construction time 6 months