Low energy consumption for high demands

Pederobba IT

Flooded with light and modern.

The building was erected according to the latest criteria of biological building. The day centre can accommodate up to 30 inhabitants as well as 10 carers, and it meets all accessibility criteria. But the contractor not only specified comprehensive usability for all inhabitants but also low energy consumption. And so the low-energy house with a “KlimaHaus A” rating was created. Rubner Objektbau carefully made sure that both the materials used and the processing were of the highest possible quality.


- Rubner Objektbau -

Project details

Contractor Vita e Lavoro Società Cooperativa Sociale – Onlus, Montebelluna IT

Location Pederobba IT

Architecture Claudia Pandolfo, Gabriele Sernagiotto, Montebelluna IT

Building volume 2,995 m³

Turnkey construction time 4 months