Eco- and family-friendly

Lärchhof, Chienes IT

In the municipality of Chienes, in the subdistrict of Corti, a new residential building puts a natural highlight in the landscape and turns the hamlet into a real family paradise.

After all, the wooden façade of the multi-family house is a clear acknowledgement of the natural, well-forested environment – and not just in a visual way. Behind the façade is a supporting timber frame construction whose cavities have been filled with high-quality, ecologically sound heat and noise insulation material. guaranteeing a comfortable living climate for generations to come.


- Rubner Objektbau -

Project details

Contractor Rubner Immobilien GmbH, Chienes IT

Location Chienes IT

Architecture Bergundtal Thomas Duregger, Brunico IT

Building volume 2,630 m³ plus underground garage

Turnkey construction time 8 months