Bravi pharmacy, Brescia IT

Perfectly healthy

Many passers-by were astounded by the three-storey “House for Health,” which was erected in the span of a mere month at the busy Via San Zeno in Brescia, Italy.

Rubner Objektbau was in charge of the construction project, and together with Studio 55, they implemented one of the most innovative and, in terms of building biology, progressive buildings in Brescia. The static dimensions are based on a massive glulam truss skeleton structure. The outer envelope was completed by a timber frame wall.

In a minimum of time, the 4,000 m³ timber building was erected. The energy consumption of this “climate pharmacy” is one third lower than the energy consumption of a conventional building of the same size.

Project details

Contractor BCEG S.n.c., Brescia IT

Location Brescia IT

Architecture Studio 55 – Giovannibattista Rovetta and Giordano Frassine, Brescia IT

Turnkey construction time 60 days

“The technical experts with Rubner fully understood what we were looking for, and they made our wishes come true: they created a model pharmacy filled with health and well-being.”

- Dott. Carlo Bravi, client -

- NEWS 2018 -

In 2018, eight years later, the client entrusted Rubner Objektbau with the task of adding another storey to this innovative “bio pharmacy” – a clear sign of trust in our company’s services.


Bravi pharmacy, Brescia IT

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