3 modular housing units, Franz-Mader-Straße


This project, owned by the Free State of Bavaria, is located on Franz-Mader-Straße 4–8 on the corner of Allacher Straße in Munich, in the Moosach neighbourhood, close to the Nymphenburg Palace.

The construction project includes the turnkey construction of shared accommodation, the first in a planned series of two construction phases. Three log cabin-style buildings are being built: two two-storey buildings (communal residential building and apartment building) and a one-storey administrative building. The advantages of this system include quick construction, a high prefabrication level, easy disassembly, and the reusability of the building elements, if applicable.


The residential building will comprise a total of 45 twin bedrooms with shared bathroom facilities, communal kitchens, and general common rooms. The apartment building will comprise six one-person apartments, five four-person apartments (including one apartment that is completely barrier-free), and four apartments for five persons. All three houses will be considered public housing and are arranged in such a way as to allow for green zones to form between the buildings.


- Rubner Objektbau -

Project details

Contractor State Construction Office 1 Munich DE

Location Munich DE

Building volume 6,295 m³

Architecture Atelier A3 DE

Construction time 10 months turnkey – 2 months for timber structure assembly

Completion January 2018