Nature Hotel


Concept | 2020

In 2019, Rubner Objektbau collaborated with the nest and Studio Griffa in order to create an innovative format called Nature Hotel Concept | 2020, which is dedicated to sustainable micro-receptivity. In order to guarantee privacy, the configuration of the clusters is asymmetrical, even in the need to place the modules according to a philo-tactical arrangement – borrowed from the efficient way plants have to better orient their leaves –– in order to ensure maximum exploitation of local natural resources. In addition to being unique “experience containers,” the Nature Hotel Concept | 2020 modules are perfect technological machines that strike a dynamic balance between the thermal differences of the host ecosystem and necessary indoor comfort. This balance is possible due to super-performing enclosures and optimal use of the site’s natural resources, such as sun exposure, orientation with respect to the prevailing winds and natural shading under the existing trees, which are not touched by the project but rather form an integral, active component of it.

The broad glass surfaces, designed also for high thermo-technical performance, may be opened partially. They ensure effective natural ventilation and are partly fixed. This enables mobile, internal darkening systems that allow the inhabitant to regulate views, which in turns permits light and privacy to be adjusted in accordance with individual needs.

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