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A one-of-a-kind value chain

Rubner Group

Rubner Objektbau is part of the Rubner Group and was founded in 2007 in Chienes, Italy, to manage large turnkey timber construction projects.

We make sure that your construction runs smoothly – developing detailed concepts for execution, supporting special project planning, and taking care of project management at the construction site.


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Our passion

All Rubner Group companies have one thing in common: a passion for wood.

Wood is natural. Wood is renewable Wood is ecological. Wood is amazing!

And we are responsible for our environment, our employees, suppliers, customers, and partners.

Sonnenlicht strahlt durch die Bäume auf einen Weg

Our construction materials

Natural constructions

  • is a renewable construction material
  • offers excellent thermal insulation properties
  • provides a pleasant indoor climate
  • is a construction material that will make you feel comfortable for centuries to come
  • has an extraordinarily long life cycle
  • is a natural raw material without any artificial adhesives
  • offers excellent thermal insulation properties
  • has a long life cycle
  • is a material with excellent thermal and noise insulation properties
  • RAL brand quality, ruling out health hazards during production and laying
  • has excellent fire resistance properties, low or no flammability
  • plaster board panels consist of pure plaster
  • offer excellent fire protection qualities
  • are easy to work with
  • are functional and present no ecological risk
  • have a high load-bearing capacity
  • mineral textured plaster coating, finishing coat for indoors and outdoors
  • high openness to vapour diffusion
  • made from calcium lime, white cement, and white marble sand of different grain sizes (1–3)
  • mineral fiber vapour barrier blankets are suitable for walls, roofs, and ceilings
  • protects insulating materials from vapour that can form on the interior
  • prevents the insulating materials from wetting through

"We thought of this hotel like our own home and Rubner Objektbau helped us to make this dream come true."

Valentina Satrini and Umberto Guaitani, clients

"The technical experts with Rubner fully understood what we were looking for, and they made our wishes come true: they created a model pharmacy filled with health and well-being."

Dott. Carlo Bravi, client

“As a non-profit organization, it is vital for us that all external companies we cooperate with are not only reliable and highly professional, but value the people they work with just as much as we do. Rubner Objektbau meets all these criteria.”

Daniela Furiani, client

"Choosing to construct a timber extension for an existing building offers many advantages. First and foremost, hotel activities can continue smoothly without impairing the quality of the service we provide to our customers."

Dott. Marcello Dalla Bernardina, client

"A hotel construction project requires excellent cost and time management. That is why I commissioned Rubner Objektbau with the construction of our new 4*S hotel – and the job has been completed to our utmost satisfaction."

Gaetano Gambini, client

“Top-notch interior finishing requires precision, accuracy, and functionality paired with innovative design and a play of materials. These are the guiding principles for my everyday life at work, and Rubner Objektbau does exactly the same!”

Ivo Barth, client

“Reconciling ecology, construction, and economic factors is a daily challenge for planners. Rubner Objektbau is highly committed to developing solutions for this scenario, which makes them the perfect partner for me!”

Kolja Sparrer, architect

“Theiners Garten is the first climate hotel. This is both confirmation for what we do and at the same time motivation to continue our efforts working towards eco-friendly tourism.”

Walter Theiner, client | Theiner’s Garten

Rubner Group

A family company from South Tyrol

Rubner Objektbau is part of the Rubner Group, which in now managed by the third generation: Peter, Stefan, Joachim, and Alfred Rubner.

The Rubner Group is one of the leading timber construction companies in Europe, employing a total of 1,300 staff at 19 locations across four countries.

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