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Quality means that it is the customer who returns, not the goods. (Hermann Tiez 1837–1907)

Solid wood panels: All-rounders

Nordpan solid wood panels are a construction material with hidden depths

Single- and multi-layer solid wood panels by Nordpan can be used in a variety of ways,both indoors and outdoors. Using solid wood panels as exterior wall panels makes your façade look naturally aesthetic and individual.

And people constantly find new areas of application for solid wood panels in furniture, internal finishing, business and office furnishings, prefabricated building, industrial buildings, and wooden homes.

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Quality through technology

Trend-setting production conditions

Nordpan is the technology leader in the production of solid wood panels. But there are a number of other factors which ensure uncompromising quality:

  • Our raw material is selected carefully from the immediate surroundings of our facilities.
  • With 50 years of experience in wood panel manufacturing, we have become a leading producer in Europe.
  • Our committed, passionate team guarantees a consistently high quality standard to us and to our customers.
  • State-of-the-art sorting and processing technologies also help to ensure our discerning customers are satisfied.
  • A strong engineering team makes sure that production processes run smoothly and constantly thinks of ways to develop new technologies, and it is thanks to them that we can live up to our own expectations of striving for progress and development. Nordpan develops its own production facilities!

FAQ: Tips from the wood expert

Please never forget when using solid wood panels: Wood works!

The panels should be stored lying flat on dry wooden planks (max. distance 1 m) in enclosed, ideally air-conditioned, spaces. The stack should be covered completely to protect it from humidity and damage to the surface.

Temperature and humidity fluctuations have an impact on shrinkage, swelling, and distortion of the panels. That is why it is important to ensure a stable room climate which is not too dry.

Single-layer panels as well as multi-layer panels must be worked on using suitable surface and edge protection (e. g. window shutters).

The "Deutsche Institut für Bautechnik" (German Institute for Civil Engineering) has granted building control approval no. Z-9.1-465, containing the respective characteristics and values.

Use in accordance with the requirements laid out in EN 13353 for use in dry, humid, and outdoor applications: All our multi-layer panels are produced in compliance with the CE standard EN 13986.