Multi-storey timber building

Solutions for the future

Multi-storey timber building

Solutions for the future

Multi-storey timber building

Solutions for the future

New dimensions in timber construction

Your partner for multi-storey timber buildings

Creating attractive living spaces in an urban setting in times of ever-growing urbanisation has become one of the key challenges for architects and investors.

The requirements are high: Great planning is the best-possible reconciliation of public and private living spaces while simultaneously catering to all needs of residents. The best-possible usage of surface area, which tends to be expensive or limited in availability. Benefit from short construction times and security with regard to all construction-related aspects including noise insulation, heat and fire protection, as well as earthquake safety.

Rubner Holzbau is a reliable partner for multi-storey timber buildings and timber hybrid construction projects.

Modern timber is a smart, premium-quality, high-tech construction material. Timber construction is often described as extremely fast, precise, and sturdy – delivering outstanding design opportunities.

Andreas Fischer, managing director at Augsburg

The advantages of multi-storey timber buildings


We respond to your individual project requirements by developing an optimised solution. Our expertise all across Europe for all matters related to construction technology and physics is at your disposal.

Quick and precise

We manufacture our construction elements individually for you and your project – while complying with the standards of the industry and using state-of-the-art manufacturing methods. Millimetre precision and ready to assemble.

From one single source

Interfaces present potential risks for construction projects. We got you covered: from statics to design, from production to assembly. Across all relevant trades and semi-turnkey – you can kick back and relax.


Seismic safety plays a crucial role in structural engineering in general, not only in Italy, our core market. Rubner Group’s research and development helps create fundamental prerequisites in this regard.

Old, new, or on top?

Housing shortage in the cities, usage of free city lots, and energy refurbishing Rubner multi-storey timber buildings – excellence in all areas of construction.

Great atmosphere

Office space, class room, hotel bed, or residential building: timber buildings are truly special. Natural construction materials offer healthy living spaces and a well-balanced atmosphere, and they are sustainable.

Complex solutions require excellent partners

Fire protection, noise insulation, thermal insulation. Our prefabricated wall elements excel in terms of their physical qualities.

Slender and high-performance exterior wall constructions free up space for you to either use yourself or rent out. Timber construction as a cost benefit.

Prefabricated wall elements are slender and comparably light-weight, thus boosting performance for multi-storey buildings, hybrid constructions, building expansions, and the energy refurbishing of building envelopes attached to existing buildings.

Our portfolio offers services for a wide range of potential applications. We always use renewable and certified timber for our roof or wall elements, composite slabs and support systems, cross-laminated timber elements, or post-and-beam façades. Each cubic meter of wood used for our constructions helps protect our climate and provides long-term storage of the carbon absorbed by the tree in the form of CO2 from the atmosphere while it was growing. A healthy matter.

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