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Cross-laminated timber construction kits

Reliable delivery – quick assembly

Spruce cross-laminated timber is an innovative, high-tech premium construction material especially suitable for surface panel elements for walls and ceilings, for example. At our Rubner Holzbau production facility in Bressanone, we manufacture elements with maximum dimensions of 4.00 x 17.0 m and up to 28 cm thickness.

The facility is highly flexible and can produce

  • different surface finishes: natural, industrial-natural, industry
  • top-layer configurations using different types of wood: white fir, Swiss pine, larch
  • top layers with different materials: gypsum fibre, gypsum board

CNC-controlled machinery is used for cutting to ensure the degree of accuracy required for modern construction projects.

Our component delivery service for ready-to-assemble, joined construction elements is a great opportunity for carpentries and other specialised companies to realise solid timber construction projects within short periods of time while freeing up capacities in their own workshops.

We will help you realise your projects with products from our delivery range based on your planning documents.

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