Cross-laminated timber (X-lam)

Rugged & stable

Cross-laminated timber X-lam

Solid, large boards and dimensional stability


We produce cross-laminated timber, known as X-lam, from sorted and dressed spruce boards which are placed and bonded crosswise on top of each other, working layer by layer. The large solid wood X-lam panels consist of three, five, seven, or more layers, perfectly retain their shape, and come with outstanding technical qualities.

Cross-laminated timber is used for walls, ceilings, or roofs. It was invented back in the 1990s and has played a key role in timber construction ever since.

Rubner X-lam panels are up to 7.0 m x 4.20 m in size and up to 28 cm thick.



Advantages and properties

Solid arguments

No loss of dimensions

The layers are arranged in a crosswise fashion, thus reducing swelling and shrinking to an insignificant minimum level from the point of view of construction technology.

In-plane load-bearing capacity

A cross-layering of strips allows for load transfer in all directions. They can be used for in-plane load transfer in statics as well as biaxial cantilevers or on-point support.

Universal applications

CLT elements are suitable for wall, roof, and ceiling structures Their dimensional stability makes the elements easy to position and ensures they are accurate to the measure, thus minimising tolerances for the overall construction.

Prefabricated to order

Within the framework of our maximum dimensions of 17.0 x 4.20 x 0.24 m we produce to order. Cuts for openings (windows, doors, staircases, installations) and assembly (rabbet edge) are done at our factory.

Our new production facility is highly flexible: we can produce a variety of surface qualities (natural/industrial) and use selected wood types for the top layer (white fir, Swiss pine, larch) or mineral panels (gypsum fibre).

Oskar Rainer, Head of the Techical department