Complete Roof Solutions

Full protection

Complete Roof Solutions

Full protection

Complete Roof Solutions

Full protection

Complete roof solutions

Cost-efficient roof elements with added value

Our cost-efficient roof structures made of prefabricated, wooden roof panels and our complete roof solutions come in a large variety of options and offer top-of-the-range features when it comes to noise insulation, ductility, and fire protection. Thanks to the high degree of prefabrication, your projects can be realised quick, cost-efficient, and in any weather.

Rubner roof elements are the components of choice in many upmarket projects requiring special fire protection or noise insulation, and are tried and tested across a wide range of industrial and commercial buildings – especially when time to completion and construction costs are crucial.

Roofed and sealed

Our complete roof solutions

Standard plus

The “normal” span of roof elements is up to 7.50 m. Depending on the individual load situation, they can be between 16 an 28 cm high. Of course, special-purpose constructions for supporting widths of 10 m and larger are possible.

Totally cost-efficient

We find the ideal overall solution for you. Our roof experts coordinate all services for roof production and assembly. We have our own tinsmith workshop and work with tried-and-tested subcontractors.

Need a little extra?

We take all functional requirements for your roof into consideration when developing a quote for you: vertical bonding, lightwells or skylights, smoke and heat venting system, fall prevention, roof drains, parapet wall cover.

Made to measure

Customised construction technology provides a wide range of soffits and roofings perfectly suitable for different statics and structural requirements.

Capacity to withstand fire

Be on the safe side in case of a fire The entire roof is classified in accordance with EN 13501-2 (fire classifications REI 30, REI 60, and REI 90) and complies with all European standards.

Sealed for a lifetime...

...this is only true for roof structures if you inspect them regularly and prevent damage due to wear and tear before it even begins. With our Building Inspection Service, we can take care of these issues for many years to come.

Accredited test facilities have provided us with measurements for a total of 50 different structures, which, depending on the type in question, offer noise insulation of up to 49 dB and a sound absorption coefficient of 0.21–0.96 at 500 Hz.

Dr. Wolfgang Billensteiner, Ober-Grafendorf