Wall elements


Wooden wall elements

An energy-efficient finish for your room made of compact, resource-friendly components and a quick way to add to the design of the overall building. For multi-storey buildings or energy refurbishing: our wall elements are always a plus.

Flexible expansion and a large variety of exterior and interior panel options help you create the design of your dreams. All our wall panels are based on load-bearing glue laminated or solid structural timber ribs featuring insulation and other functional layers.

Customisation and diversity

Elements manufactured to order

Leader in the industry

Thanks to our large-size facilities, high production capacities, and the project-specific construction of single-storey or multi-storey elements make it possible to reduce the number of joints on our building envelopes.

Cost and time-efficient

The timber-frame components are prefabricated under controlled workshop conditions. Detailed processing down to finished-surface quality for interior or exterior use is possible.


Our wall elements can either be designed to perform a load transfer or reinforcement role or can be mounted to the support system structure of a skeleton construction.


Cross-laminated timber or X-lam – multi-ply wall elements bonded in a crosswise fashion offer dimensional stability and retain their position. They are prefabricated and dressed to order and come ready to assemble. Structural in-plane action.

We plan, produce, and assemble prefabricated wall and façade elements. Our panels are available in single-storey and multi-storey versions. The wall elements are highly flexible and can be used for new constructions as well as large-scale energy refurbishing projects. The structure of the walls including insulation and cover meets all relevant standards of energy and construction physics. The finished surfaces offer ample opportunity for individual design. In-home technology or sun protection can be integrated into the elements.