Building envelopes

Complete and safe

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Wooden building envelopes

Bring together what belongs together

Combining our individual systems – wall elements, timber-and-glass façades, and roof sealings from one single source – provides you with a durable, safe envelope for your building that we will assemble right on schedule.

Our project managers are experts when it comes to efficient interface management and coordinating the work of all trades involved.

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Our building envelopes are perfectly suitable for hybrid constructions, new buildings, and the energetic refurbishment of existing structures. Coordinating the various interfaces and trades involved in large construction projects can be challenging.

Marc André Leja, project manager at Augsburg

The advantages of our building envelopes

Safety down to the smallest detail

Building envelopes from prefabricated wall elements are highly reliable and offer smart details for enhancing building comfort regarding heat and noise insulation as well as fire protection.

Wood instead of conventional materials

Wooden building envelopes are prefabricated at our factory, available in large sizes, and ready for assembly. The work of different trades all brought together in a single construction component.

Cost optimisation

Opting for timber construction means benefiting from integral planning processes. Shorter construction times due to prefabrication, no rush or hassle on the site, and extra space thanks to slender elements – timber really pays off.

We are the experts in the field

Their experience and specialist knowledge makes our project managers experts for the construction of large buildings. We are on top of all interfaces and deliver semi-turnkey structures.