Wine tavern Mitterstockstall (AT)

"holiday in a glas" beneath the wooden rooftop

Impressive timber roof constructions and a very cosy atmosphere in the newly built traditional Austrian wine tavern (Heuriger) of winemaker Michael Bauer from Mitterstockstall underline the quality of his wines.

Winemaker Michael Bauer from Mitterstockstall (AT), had a small, modern wine tavern built at his family-owned manor’s house to offer the possibility to taste family-cultivated wines. The idea for the new building came from architect Laurenz Vogel, who was inspired by the structural conditions on site and the landscape of the Wagram.

The entire ridged roof construction, a freestanding, unsupported roof truss with roof beams and double tie joints is made of timber.

This structure is not visible from the outside since the roof with its tile covering has been designed as steep sloped roof to provide as much shadow as possible during the summer months.

Therefore, the visitor of this wine tavern is welcomed by an open and bright interior design.

A 21 metres long, spanned ridge roof beam is supported by  inclined rafters traversing the entire room. The thus resulting load on the wall plate is transferred onto the glued laminated timber tension rods.

Project details

Location Mitterstockstall (AT)

Completion 2018

Customer Michael Bauer, Mitterstockstall (AT)

Architect Laurenz Vogel Architekten, Kirchberg am Wagram (AT)

Size 32 m³ Glulam, 280 m² Roof-elements, 85 m² Wall-elements

Credits Leonhard Hilzensauer

Rubner Holzbau was charged with the realisation of all structural engineering and design works. The glued laminated timber structural frame as well as all roof and wall elements were prefabricated in the Ober-Grafendorf factory, transported to the construction site and assembled.

The company was also responsible for the execution of all roofing and plumbing works.


Jahresringe eines Baumes

„Timber is a wonderful material because it allows rapid and efficient construction – if we had not used timber as construction material for this traditional tavern, we would never have been able to finish this project so quickly.“

Laurenz Vogel, Architect

Partner for sophisticated constructions

Planning, production and construction from one source

The roof elements of the impressive wooden roof construction were already prefabricated ready for assembly in the factory. Also for the acoustics
visible wood plays an important role in the restaurant, as the ceiling elements are designed as acoustic ceilings.

The interior has been designed to match this, with wood as the main protagonist here too.

All prefabricated wall elements have been inserted into the rib system as wooden frame construction with a closed timber façade right in front of it. External walls have been designed with a curtain-type board cladding and windows are made in timber and aluminium.